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Discovery of 2021

Herbal extraction



Full control


Clean air path


Robust battery

Our device offers incredible control of your session thanks to the wide temperature range for both herbal blends and concentrates. In addition, you will monitor the status of the device thanks to the easy-to-read display. Moreover, you can adjust the airflow in your holistical ONE.

The unique taste and exceptional efficiency of vaporization are ensured by a fully insulated air path. Thanks to a heating chamber made of safe and natural materials, and a mouthpiece made of borosilicate glass, the vapor flavor remains unchanged and exactly as it is offered by the world of nature.

The battery with a capacity of 2600mAh, combined with the proprietary optimization algorithm Optimal ™ energy, will allow you to enjoy exceptionally long work without recharging. Holistical ONE offers up to 20 sessions per charge. Additionally, you can charge Holistical ONE with the latest generation USB-C cable, which significantly shortens the charging time.

Holistical vaporizer

LEARN ABOUT holistical


Holistical has been created by a group of enthusiasts who, after many years of work in the field of production engineering, the latest technologies and the herbal medicine market, have crossed their paths to create a high-quality product and make it available on the European market. 


Our vision of the world, our health and ourselves is the identification of philosophy in the form of holistical. Holistical is a multi-level view of the world, our placement within it, and all activities related to delivering the product to you in a healthy, modern and long-lasting manner.


Holistical is a concentration of the latest technology in the field of vaporization. The Holistical ONE vaporizer combines the highest quality elements with the latest available technology, which, thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, allows us to offer a high-quality product at an attractive price range.



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